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Meet our mentors

We are pleased to announce the 5 artists who will mentor 5 recent graduates as part of the Hasler Gallery @ the Ten Grand Arcade project – a joint venture between the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MODA) and the North Finchley Town Team.

Aviva Leeman


Proposal summary

Responding to the Charles Hasler collection, I’ll be drawing on the designer’s interests in typography and print processes, with a specific interest in his collection of everyday printed ephemera. My practice is typically site-responsive and I am conscious of the location of the gallery in a shopping arcade at the heart of a town centre – a place teeming with public lettering, visual communication, and material detritus of people going about their domestic, business and leisure pursuits. Using text-based installation, I aim to create a visual vernacular of this place at this moment, celebrating the overlooked matter of contemporary suburban life.

My background

Concerned with notions of ‘public’ in our physical realities and everyday language (written and spoken), my practice draws on the experiences of others through interview, consultation, participation or anonymous involvement. Spanning different material forms and contexts, my work combines installation, public art and participatory strategies, and design methodologies. I have shown work at and developed commissions for Hatfield House, Pump House Gallery, County Hall, the Southbank Centre and Norwich Castle Museum. I am currently researching a practice-based PhD at Central Saint Martins, researching our encounter with ‘material text’ in spatio-temporal arts practices.

What I can offer as a Mentor

What I am looking for from the student I will be mentoring


Jo Angell


Proposal summary

Jo Angell is proposing to create a multi-layered wall or ceiling suspended art piece. Panels will be designed using two materials and processes – digitally printed fabrics and laser cut fine wooden veneers.  The inspiration for the piece has come from two facets of the Silver Studio’s collections at MoDA: Japanese Katagami stencils* and Art Deco period drawings.

My background

After an initial career as a graphic designer, Jo returned to Central St Martins to follow a lifelong passion in textiles and studied for an MA in ‘Textile Futures’ from 2006-8.

Jo’s varied design work has included award-winning wallpaper designs for Graham & Brown, a prototype window display for Louis Vuitton and an innovative shade canopy for the Chelsea Flower Show which won a gold medal.  Jo also creates and sells her own digitally printed textile designs which are made into scarves and other accessories.


What I can offer as a Mentor

I work from my home based garden studio in North London (near Alexandra Palace).  I can offer a student the opportunity to work from here for agreed periods of time in a friendly and professional environment. I can offer you the chance to see how I structure and plan a piece of work with sampling, budgets and deadlines in mind.  I can share my knowledge and expertise about the processes involved in digital print and laser-cutting.

What I am looking for from the student I will be mentoring

I’m looking for a student/graduate who is enthusiastic, reliable and willing to be ‘hands-on’. You could be interested in observing what it’s like to be self- employed and/or sell your own work.   You might want to learn about digital print or laser cutting.  It would be useful if you have experience using Photoshop and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. I would expect you to do some research, come up with ideas and have a good sense of humour throughout the process!


Katie Horwich


Proposal summary

Incorporating elements of the architecture of the gallery, its surroundings and local flora and fauna, our starting point is create a new series of Katagami stencils* inspired by the MODA collection, introducing an element of exotic chinoiserie to the Grand Arcade.

My background

I grew up near the Museum of Design & Domestic Architecture and I am inspired by the local landscape.  I often work on location, sketching, writing and photographing. Resources I collect onsite are key elements in my studio practice where I re-examine my imagery and experiment, translating it through different media and experimenting with different techniques.

What I can offer as a Mentor

I hope this will be an enjoyable and inspirational experience. I hope to calm some anxieties of the unknown period between graduating and the pursuit of creative practise and will be on hand to offer support. Your input will be an invaluable part of this project.

I’m looking forward to seeing your work and for us to learn about each other’s working practise.  I hope to help in any way I can with creative quandaries.

I will introduce you to a further network of artists who will be helpful in the future.

This is a rare opportunity and I see us working as a team as we submerge ourselves in the project, reaching our end point through experimentation.

What I am looking for from the student I will be mentoring

I’m looking for someone who is keen to experiment with printmaking techniques, on textiles or paper, and may have experience in wood-work or 3d installation.  Sewing skills may be an advantage.

I’m interested in exploring digital techniques and laser cutting to marry the ancient art with our printing today – but a general attitude of experimentation, and enthusiasm is what I’m looking for.

Themes of costume, the suburbs, its landscape and people, local history and the search for the exotic are starting points that will hopefully interest you. If you are organised and precise, that would be very helpful, but not essential. We’ll be learning as we go.

We will be researching at MODA and beyond, so a flexible and adventurous outlook is advantageous.


Yemi Awosile


Proposal Summary

This project draws on the MoDA collection to create engineered textiles which echo graphic elements found within this historical archive.


I am a Designer living and working in London producing materials for objects and spaces. My practice is driven by industry led research, special commissions and collaboration across a range of disciplines within manufacturing, design and the arts.

After graduating from Textiles Design at the Royal College of Art in 2008 I set up an independent studio practice specialising in textiles and material finishes.

What I can offer as a Mentor

The applicant will be invited to join me in the studio where he or she is welcome to incorporate textile processes and material experimentation into their own work. This will be followed by a series of studio visits and the possible opportunity to participate at the London Design Festival.

What I am looking for from the student I will be mentoring

I am looking for a student with a background in Graphic Design or Visual Communication. The ideal candidate is looking for an opportunity to broaden their portfolio through inter-disciplinary collaboration.  I am particularly interested in new concepts relating to screen based design and ideas relating to ‘zines’, readers, and booklets. A hands-on approach would be a bonus.


Leigh Cameron


Proposal summary

An investigation into colour, structure & light through the tessellation of pattern. Using 16 different colours & a pre-determined mould, I will create a machine to record the tessellation of time through coloured concrete.

This will involve taking an object, creating a mould and a mechanised device to manipulate the mould over a period of time.  I will make up a pattern of graded cementitious material, (exactly the same quantities for each colour), which will be poured into the mould at specific time periods over one week.

Once created, the object will be investigated through a drilling or cutting process to expose the patterns of time recorded through the colour changes.  This will produce a series of objects & structures, which will be assessed & edited for display.

My background

My work explores concrete and the possibility of radically changing our perception of this material. Working with an age-old material in an innovatory manner to develop and explore the proletariat tacit information hidden in a 2000-year history. This includes developing a new context and aesthetic dialogue, considering concrete as a material; investigating its diversity, structural strengths and limitations; its weight, adaptability and content. Exploring texture, colour, shape and ultimately the relationship to other materials. I have a background as cabinet-maker and my experience of construction gives me the unique opportunity to research and develop my practice during my recent MA. This has enabled me to gain invaluable knowledge and expertise to understand the integrity of the materials I use.

What I can offer as a Mentor

I have almost 20 year experience in working with my hands on a variety of different projects using many different materials, more specifically wood & concrete. This is an opportunity to explore the boundaries of a creative project within a workshop environment.  Together we would discuss strategies on how to achieve the project potential. How to manage & influence the outcome & ultimately deliver a result.

What I am looking for from the student I will be mentoring

If you are a recent graduate who would like to be mentored by one of these artists, click here for more information.